Puppytastic news
Puppytastic news
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You had to be patient, and so did we.


But today we’ve got some wonderful news for you: Noxa is expecting puppies! If all goes as planned, we are looking forward to welcoming a bunch of fluffy mini Labradors by November 27th 2016!


Noxa and Scoter, the father to be, are both thrilled. Let’s introduce them both 🙂

Noxa’s full name is Baratti Herbu Zadora. She was born in Poland where Etienne and Joeri picked her up when she was a little cute puppy. She was born on 10/12/2011.

Labrador Retriever beige

Beige Labradorteefje

Father: Tabatha’s Burly
Mother: Garonna Herbu Zadora
HD B1 30/04/2014
Full eye examination clearance on 07/08/2013
Breeding certificate acquired at Sint-Hubertus with qualifaction Excellent
Her hobbies are: walks in the city and the country, running with Wouter and sleeping on his feet.


Scoter is officially called Creekwater Surf Scoter. He’s a Dutch Champion and owned by Gerda Groeneweg. He was born on 29/12/2007.

Father: Ch. Carpenny Scenario
Mother: Ch. Creekwater Birdie
ED Free
DNA profile registered
Optigen A [normal/free] Scoter is a lovely dog with a fun and pleasing character. He is the father of our youngest Yochiver, Ninja.




We are curious how these puppies will turn out, both in looks and character.


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