Tinka & Scoter

February 2nd 2015 the labrador puppies by  Creekwater Surf Scoter – Scooter – and Katinka Yochiver – Tinka were born. There are 9 puppies, from which  6 black females, 2 black males and 1 white male, all between 380 and 450 grams at birth.

More info about the father:

Dutch Champion Creekwater Surf Scoter

Father: Ch. Carpenny Scenario
Mother: Ch. Creekwater Birdie
Born 29/12/2007
ED free
PRA/Cat. free 23/04/2014
DNA profile registered
Optigen A [normal/free]

More info about the mother:

Katinka Yochiver

Father: Ch Yunwu Shan Herbu Zadora
Mother: Gracy Yochiver
Born 04/04/2011
HD B1 06/06/2012
Full Eye exam, all clear and free 26/11/2014
Breed certificate awarded by Sint-Hubertus.