Noxa & Robin

July 5th 2014 the pups were born from the combination of German Champion Withara’s Sarahs Lovely Robin – nicknamed Robin– and Baratti Herbu Zadora – nicknamed Noxa.

Both Noxa and the 8 pups are doing terrific. The 5 black bitches and 3 black dogs are sleeping, eating, sleeping and sometimes some more sleeping while eating.

Noxa and her black puppies at Labradors Yochiver

Noxa and her black puppies.

Puppy sleeping on paw at Labradors Yochiver

Labrador Puppy sleeping on paw

We welcome you to come and visit the pups, but we kindly ask you to make arrangements first with Etienne and Rita. You can contact them through here. From july 25th onwards, Noxa and her puppies will welcome you after an appointment with her administrative forces (Etienne and Rita :))

Just a little short video to show you how the puppies are doing is found below. More pics can be found on this page in the near future.