Fotoshoot with Noxa
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium
  • Noxa, a yellow Labrador Retriever bitch from Yochiver in Belgium

While carrying a fair amount of puppies in her tummy, Noxa felt more than happy to show off her catwalk class. As she is expecting puppies within 3 weeks, she glows with anticipation and remains the gentle enthusiastic Labrador Retriever bitch she always was.

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Noxa, our beloved Baratti Herbu Zadora has been mated with German Champion Withara’s Sarahs Lovely Robin. We expect the puppies to arrive around the 9th of July 2014.

We’re sorry for people waiting for a yellow puppy, but as the father only carries black, the puppies will be black too. If you have questions concerning colour genetics with Labradors, please do contact us.

Withara’s Sarahs Lovely Robin

Withara’s Sarahs Lovely Robin

Some info on the father:
German  Champion Withara’s Sarahs Lovely Robin  [VDH and LCD] Europasieger 2008

Father: CH Waifins Wing and A Prayer
Mother: CH Withara’s Pepper from Sarah with Love
Born August 28  2005
HD A  ED 0 – 0   PRA/Cat.clear   27-09-2012
DNA profile registered
Optigen A [normal/clear]
BLP; KNJV C + B (working cert.), Wesenstest, MAP B, WT
Black  [BBEE] Robin is pure black [does not carry chocolate or yellow]



Some info on the mother:
Baratti Herbu Zadora
Father: Tabatha’s Burly
Mother: Garonna Herbu Zadora
Born on 10/12/2011
HD B1 30/04/2014
Full eyetest, all clear on 07/08/2013
Breeding certificate with Sint-Hubertus with qualification Excellent

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On May 4th 2014, the Belgian Retriever Club Championship Show took place at the site of SV Drieslinter in Linter, Belgium.


More than 180 retrievers were judged by a selection of international and renowned judgjes. Thanks to the excellent care by the members of SV Drieslinter and the beautiful weather, one could say it was a wonderful day.

The Best in Show was assigned to the best Flatcoated Retriever by all judges. The award for Best in Show was handed out by the mayor of Linter, Marc Wijnants.


De winnares van de Belgische Retriever Club Show 2014 met de keurmeesters en burgemeester

Lena Donvil(KSV DRIESLINTER), Marc Wijnants (Burgemeester Linter), Ronny Michiels (Penningmeester BRC), Kluth Nadia (De winnares met haar Flatcoated Retriever), Carol Gilbert (Keurmeester UK), Michael Wiest (Keurmeester USA), Brenda Hutchison (Keurmeester UK)


57 Labrador Retrievers were present at this show. Mister Michael Wiest of the Beechcroft Labrador Kennel from the USA made sure to judge these labradors with care and attention.

He shared his thoughts with us:


I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the Belgian Retriever Club for inviting me to judge Labrador Retrievers at their show on the 4th of May. It was a well organized and run show. The site was perfect and the weather couldn’t have been better. Someone must have had connections to the man upstairs! My very first class of baby puppies started the day with three very nice, promising puppies. I was pleased with the overall quality of the entry. I particularly appreciated the bitch breeder which produced by Best of Breed Winner. To me, the future of the breed is in bitches and I was happy to see that a nice class for breeder bitches. Finally, I want to express a special thanks to my host, Etienne. He has made my visit to your country and show a very special and memorable one. Thank you all and I wish you success in your future shows.”


You can find a newsitem made by ROB, a regional tv station here

We look forward to the next show in 2015!

Perhaps a more difficult name to pronounce correctly in English: Monter Yochiver. Cheerful, as his name means just that in Dutch, his new family came to pick up this extremely cute and very independent yellow male Labrador puppy.

Yellow labrador male puppy Monter Yochiver from belgium

Mark, Christ’l and Monter ready to embark on their merry mission

Keep your chin up, Monter!

Today, another of our beautiful puppies was picked up by her new family. Mindy-Sky Yochiver will surely be treated as a queen by Laurentien, Josefien and Katrien.

Yellow labrador bitch Yochiver

Laurentien, Katrien and Josefien are happy with Sky

We wish you the very best!

As the puppies are vaccinated, chipped and eager to meet their new homes, today Mazzel Yochiver was welcomed by his new family.

Jan, Annick, Heleen and Dries were really enthousiastic to take their beloved puppy home.

We wish them all the best and lots of fun together!

Male Labrador puppy Mazzel Yochiver

Mazzel and his new family!

Labrador puppies do enjoy the occasional stroll in the grass. Lucky for us, we had our camera ready. However, it wasn’t easy to catch the pups on film as they seem to become faster by the day.

Yellow Labrador Retriever pup




Black Labrador Retriever pup looking at camera

Make it a snapshot, I’v got some serious playing to do!

All pictures can be found here.

We are very pleased to announce that all puppies have found an enthiusiastic and labrador loving person to play with from August 1st onward.If due to unforeseen circumstances a puppy would become available again, we will keep you posted thorugh this website!

You can expect an update with lots of pictures and video’s!

We reached more than 20 degrees Celsius! Perfect weather to show our Labrador pups at Yochiver what grass smells like and how much fun it is to sit outside in the sun.

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and they are doing fine here at Yochiver!

Below you can find a new movie they were eager to star in.


On the picture page you can find some new pics as well.